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Wedding list

*To enter the wedding list, you just need to enter one of the couple’s surname(in case of an homonymy, enter the first name as well).
If you may have problems while trying to enter the wedding list, please contact us for information by phone using the number: 06/6797093.

The tradition of bridal registries came from Anglo-Saxon countries. It’s been imported in Italy by Marcello Serra, one of the most relevant figures of the Serra store, in the ‘30s and 40s, specially for the enjoyment of the Italian Royal House. Soon bridal lists expanded through all social classes.

Today, unlike a few decades ago, young couples tend not to chose a single specific style for their homes and tables. For this reason you’ll see in our bridal lists a mixture of classic choices and more modern and fun collections; You’ll see how antique silvers or unique pieces like the ones our artisans make entirely by hand, can co-exists in a lovely manner with ultra-modern design elements, made both with rich materials and/or with more impoverished elements like plexiglass, stainless steel iron, wood and marble. It’s rather the feeling that an object convey that counts, not its material value.

As it’s always been, to have a bridal registry at Serra’s enables you to choose between the most prestigious brands in home décor and table settings. You’ll be supported by a highly qualified staff, and by the latest generations of a family with a century old experience in this field.

There’s also more important reasons for you to decide to chose your wedding gifts at Serra’s. Amongs them:

  • The option to totally change your choice of wedding gifts, and to close the bridal list up to six months after the wedding.
  • Your guests will have the opportunity to chose and pay wedding gifts on line.
  • The possibility of monitoring your gifts on-line: the gifts selected and purchased online will appear as “sold” on the list, while our staff will contact you via e-mail to update you on the status of the list.
  • No obligation to purchase the items in the list that haven’t been sold.
  • Free delivery of the gifts in Rome and suburbs
  • Fixed prices for all the duration of the opening of the list (from its compilation to six months after the wedding)

Feel free to contact us for any information on products and solutions. No commitment required for information.