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Our History

After the historic headquarters in via del Corso, and the subsequent ones in via Condotti and Piazza di Spagna, in 2012 the greenhouse shop moved first to the headquarters in via Margutta 71 and from March 2018 to the one in via Margutta 57.

To begin the activity, in the first years of the ‘900, it was Mario Serra that, taking advantage of his experience of traveler and attentive observer of the society of that time, began to acquire all that interesting and innovative could be there for his shop; it soon became the reference point of the high society of the time and the Real Casa supplier.

Thus, entire generations of aristocrats and large families have followed each other in the clientele; the young couple resort to Serra because first introduced, in the Fifties, the use of the “wedding list” between Meissen porcelain services, precious hand-carved crystals, table silverware, Sheffield objects, ancient silver.

After Mario Serra, the founder, the management of the company passed first to Marcello, his son, then to his son, Alessandro, flanked by his wife Ornella. Alessandro creates new collections around engraved stones and Greek and Roman coins; also recovering the nineteenth-century habit of precious souvenirs, realizes the series of fountains of Rome in silver. Ornella designs and creates bijoux and even marble mosaics for personalized tables, unique pieces studied together with the customers.

In the shop in via Margutta 57, you can find an incomparable assortment of items from the most prestigious brands, which allow you to identify the best balance between the elegance of the most classic choices and the liveliness and joy of the most modern collections. Mr Serra and their staff will be happy to advise you, putting their long experience in the field at your service.