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The Serra store, born in Via del Corso in the first decade of the 1900s, located today in the headquarters at No. 57 of the “magical” Via Margutta, offers an exciting and original combination of tradition and innovation, classicism and contemporary design. Serra’s goal is to offer superior quality at an affordable price, combining the well-known, essential brands of the tableware sector (Herend, Meissen, Lalique, etc.) with greater and more accurate diversification in the brands and objects , on the one hand not neglecting the musts that have strongly characterized it over time (ancient English and European silver, collections of jewels designed and created around original Greek-Roman engraved coins and stones, micromosaics of the Vatican school), on the other expanding its assortment with contemporary silver from the most prestigious brands, design objects with unusual and appealing materials, bijoux of brand new and personal elaboration.

The Serra store, which has always performed a “unifying” function, giving life to a happy and profitable synergy between people and ideas, those of Alessandro, Ornella and Domitilla Serra (with her it came to the fourth generation), of the historic artisans who and the customer, with whom there is never a lack of pleasant opportunities to meet and fertile moments of exchange to date, a place more than ever familiar to receive, entertain, inform their own or “probable” customers, in a welcoming and functional environment for research and the creation of the “space-house” that everyone would like to have.

Serra offers you the history of a shop born in the early 1900s, a historic supplier of the Italian “real home” and of as many international houses; still today a point of reference for aristocrats from all over the world, but also for young couples intent on creating their own wedding list, Serra has always been able to keep constantly in line with the times and changes in trends, proposing to its own customers the incomparable taste of a wise selection of everything that this prestigious sector of home and table accessories offers, the only one in which there are still present centuries-old companies. More than a simple shop, Serra is a journey into beauty, conceived in a very chronologically wide sense: in the new showroom, the ancient coffered ceilings interact amiably with objects of contemporary design such as those of Venini; the English windows of Sage from the early 1900s harmoniously embrace the most modern crystals. Entering from Serra you can choose a gift, but also follow the evolution of the culture of living.