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About us

The Serra boutique, established in Rome during the first decade of 1900 is now located at  57 Via Margutta, one the most charming streets of Rome.

Serra offer an exciting and original combination of tradition and innovation, classicism and contemporary design of our jewels.

We give you the opportunity to create your own unique, custom jewel, choosing with us the coin, or the Roman intaglio, or the micromosaic which,  step by step, will become  your jewel, according to the canons of the most refined Italian jewelry and the historical and numismatic knowledge of Alessandro and Ornella Serra.

You can also decide on the mounting   and  optional engravings.

The use of ancient coins, or Roman intaglios or micromosaics to make contemporary jewels is an iconic representation of continuity with the past. Each jewel has its history; every coin, every Roman intaglio is a landscape that represents the many lives it has lived.

The Serra boutique has always played an “aggregating” and synergistic function between people and ideas. The owners, Alessandro and Ornella Serra, have made the boutique on Via Margutta a familiar place to receive, entertain and inform their customers  in a welcoming and functional environment.

Serra offers you the history  of a shop born in the early 1900s, the historical supplier of the Italian “Royal House” and of many international Royal Houses; still today the shop is a point of reference for “beauty lovers” from all over the world.

More than just a boutique, Serra wants to be a journey into beauty, offering treasures from every era and style . In the showroom past meet the present: jewels created around coins, Roman sculptures, micromosaics are in perfect harmony and mounted in a contemporary or Roman style; the splendid showcases designed by the architect/designer Giorgio Pes harmoniously welcome jewels made with Roman bronzes, obelisks-placeholders in silver and Roman marbles, stirrup glasses with different animal heads and also precious Venini vases.

Buying a Serra jewel means treating yourself  to a “fragment of Roman history”!